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  • Bicycle tour

    Bicycle tour
    Want to discover the beauty of Marrakech in the most fun way? Go on a bicycle tour in Marrakech! Together with a young, native tour guide, you will discover the mysteries of Marrakech. All of our tours are developed by locals, and using the bicycle we bring you beyond the tourist districts to show you the hidden jewels of Marrakech that usually remain secret to visitors!

    Long tour: 250 MAD per person. 

  • Group bikes

    Group bikes.

    Pikala offers the only group bikes in Morocco! These unique bikes guarantee a fantastic experience cycling trough Marrakech. You will be accompanied by our tour guides, who share the history, culture, and adventurous stories of the people of Marrakech. Beverages and drinks are provided! 

    250 MAD per person (for a minimum of 4 people).

Support Education & Employment

To us, the bicycle is a mean to educate and employ the local youth in the tourism- and mechanical sectors. We offer a training program for young locals to become a bicycle mechanic, thus providing them with income and increasing their opportunities of future employment. Trained by European bicycle experts, we facilitate knowledge exchange from Europe to Morocco. Finally, we organise many educational events, such as traffic safety lessons, cycling lessons for girls, and the student bike project! 

Environment & Recycling

We promote the bicycle as a sustainable alternative for polluting cars, busses, and scooters to support a healthy environment. Apart from that, we actively recycle by bringing old bicycles from Holland to Marrakech, and refurbishing them here to for use in our social bicycle projects. We also organise bicycle events for youth to create awareness around environmental issues.

By using the services of Pikala, you directly support our social and environmental goals!

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If you have any questions about what we do, or what we can do for you, feel free to give us a call. You can also contact us via facebook and email.

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00212 6 84913915 
00212 6 84913915 


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